Thursday, September 15, 2016

When being biased is a good thing

The program on Wednesday night was "Bias Binding", courtesy of Judy, who showed us a method to make a continuous strip of bias binding.  First she had us try it with a piece of paper.  We cut it along a diagonal, then taped the pieces back together as directed to make a parallelogram, then marked the width of our binding.  Then we wrapped one side around to meet the other, slightly offsetting our marked strip ends, and found we had made a tube.  The strip we marked spiralled along the tube, forming the continuous bias piece.

The next step was to try this with fabric.  The hardest part was matching up the marks to form the tube, but with a little help from Judy, everyone got their samples sewn up.  They began to cut them apart just far enough to see how the strip would form, but left them unfinished so as to have an example for later reference.

Two examples of bias binding on a neckline.
Bias binding can be used to finish quilts or any curved edge.  In home dec sewing it's often used to cover cording to make piping.  Judy showed us some examples of using bias binding to finish necklines of garments instead of a facing.  Since a bias edge will not ravel, the raw edge of the bias on the inside of the garment can be left as is.  She also showed us an example of piping used in a child's garment to accent the seam of a bodice and skirt.

So think about using bias binding in some of your next sewing projects!

There are lots of events coming up soon, from the Dear Jane trip, the East Fishkill Library reception, Banksville Fabric trip,  to the annual meeting.  So check the chapter calendar and mark your own accordingly.

Make A Difference Day is fast approaching.  Connie has been taking the lead on organizing it and has the Poughkeepsie Plaza booked for Saturday, Oct. 22 from 10 am to 3 pm.  This year's projects are  pillowcases, fleece hats and scarves to donate to local shelters.  Our October meeting will be used to prepare for this, so we plan on doing a lot of cutting and pinning to have things ready to sew that day.

Our November meeting will be a sewing program led by Pat M., who will help us as we make a handy fabric bag with handle.  Originally sized to be a trash bag for your car, it can be customized for other uses as well.  More detailed information will come out about that later.

December is our dinner out.  Venue yet to be decided.  Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Show and tell pictures follow. 
Pat's rug made of scrappy strips.

Tanya's bags made of cork fabric (yes, cork!)

Peggy's sleeveless tops
Peggy's capris and blouse

Sue K's Challenge piece

and the try-out piece.

Sue K's Circle quilt

Using left-overs from the circles

Even more of the circle scraps!

Free-form crochet bags from the April workshop
left, Maura's bag; right, Cyndy's bag

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Everyone needs a challenge now and then

Our topic this week was "Challenges" and only five brave souls decided to deal with it.  (For those who couldn't make the meeting - only teasing!)  Rosealice couldn't be there but weighed in with the challenge of making placemats look nice, so she wondered if perhaps a program on that topic would be a help.  Peggy brought along the undies she made by copying her favorite pair.  Since that style was no longer available, she drafted a pattern from an existing pair and made some new ones.  She said the most challenging part was figuring out how to attach the fold-over elastic.  Pat stated that her challenge was dealing with attaching bindings around curves and creating mitered corners.  We talked a bit about our experiences with those and gave her some techniques to try.  Kathia's latest challenge was that she learned to knit.  She was working on a christening blanket and doing a creditable job dealing with seed stitch, garter stitch and stockinette stitch.  Maura brought along her challenge which was a length of peacock-patterned embossed vinyl that she hopes to turn into a purse.  Several members suggested using a leather needle and perhaps investing in a teflon machine foot to make sure the vinyl doesn't stick.

In October the East Fishkill Library will display work from ASG members for the month.  If anyone in the group has items they would like displayed, bring them along to the September meeting for collection or contact Maura to make arrangements for drop-off.

There is no meeting in August.

Two possibilities have arisen for November's program: placemats or a car trash bag (see picture here).  Please contact Maura before the end of July to express your preference so that program planning can begin.
Car trash bag project

Enjoy some photos of the Show-and-Tell members brought.  See you in September!
Bolero from scuba fabric

Reflective patches added to denim vest

Zippy bags!

Small quilted table mat

Kindle holder

Bag with pleated pocket

Beach bag

Stretch denim capris

Tee shirt