Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Fabric Shop

There is a new fabric shop recently opened in Beacon, called Beetle and Fred.  The link to the shop's page follows.

or check out the Facebook page, which has some nice photos of fabric she has in stock:

A few members who have visited so far report that although the stock is limited, the owner is starting small and hoping to increase the inventory soon.  Please support these local businesses as much as you can.

Your assignment, should you decide to accept it.....

Does anyone recall "Mission Impossible", the TV show?  I didn't always watch it all the way through, but I remember the opening sequence of the mission description, ending with the rather ominous line "your mission, should you decide to accept it.."  and then the tape would self-destruct.  Well, I hope these assignments will be fun rather than ominous. 
After a December hiatus, the Sewphisticuts met last week for the postponed dinner meeting.  While we enjoyed lots of chatting and a nice dinner at the Eveready Diner, we managed to make a few decisions about what to do for the next couple of meetings. 
For February:  go to the ASG members only section for videos and webinars.  There are loads of videos organized under different topics.  Pick one you like, watch it, and then give a brief review of it to the group when we meet in February (along the lines of "It was very wordy but offered some good info on using the serger beading foot at around 15 minutes in.   Camera work was clear and demo was easy to see. If you have already done this, there's probably not much new info for you.")  Now, to make sure we don't all watch the same video, I will send out a separate email to start, asking you to REPLY ALL with your choice of video, so first-come, first-served.

For March: The Brown Bag challenge - each participant puts one yard (or equivalent in fat-quarters) of a cotton or cotton-blend woven fabric in a bag (it doesn't have to be brown, but just not see-through).   Bags are placed all together on the table, then each person takes one without seeing contents.  Participants then use what they got to make anything they want, using at least 75% of the fabric, along with any additions they choose.  So from that one yard, you might choose to add another yard of your own and make a dress, or a quilt top. Or use what's there to make a tote bag or placemats, etc.  Be as creative as you like.  We didn't set the end date, but kicked around ideas for finishing it by the end of the summer or into the fall, so there is plenty of time to work on it.

If you don't want to do the challenge, please do still come to the March meeting if you can because our major focus that night will be to continue planning.  Some of the ideas mentioned last night were programs on hats, smocking, making embroidered buttons, sewing room organization tips, up-cycling, stuffed toys or other soft items, fabric swap, Zentangle inspiration, and sharing favorite blog/web sites/sewing links.  So we still have lots to talk about and decide!

We had some lovely Show-and-Tell but I didn't take pictures, I'm sorry to say.  I'm also very sad to report that we are losing a member to a move:  Tonya's husband is taking a new job in Chicago so she will be transferring her membership.  We will miss her and the fine work she did making one-of-a-kind bags, totes and wallets.  Good luck in Chi-town, Tonya!