Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Little Bit of Everything

Last Wednesday the Sewphisticuts met for an evening of working on a little bit of everything.   We had decided to use the meeting for UFO's or any project that might be in need of advice.  Judy, Maryann and Maura used the time to decipher the ASG Wish-Pillow directions in preparation for doing some service sewing.  Peggy, both Pat's and Kathia brought along some hand sewing projects, while Sue brought her machine to sew some quilt blocks from a layer cake pattern.  So it was a busy and varied night.  Pictures follow.
Maryann's quilt from her Florida chapter friends

Bag for Maryann's quilt

Quilt that Kathia was working on

Pat's English paper-piecing project

Pat's hand-sewing sampler

Sue's layer cake quilt project

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button

Does anyone recognize that phrase?  I vaguely recall it as a childhood game but I don't remember actually playing it.  It came to mind as I began to write this since our topic at last Wednesday's Sewphisticuts meeting was "Making a Dorset Button".  According to Wikipedia, a Dorset button "is a style of craft-made button originating in the English county of Dorset. Their manufacture was at a peak between 1622 and 1850, after which they were overtaken by machine-made buttons from factories in the developing industries of Birmingham and other growing cities."  There are many variations of the style, which are described here:

The basic button is formed by wrapping a ring with fiber, creating spokes by running the fiber across the center, then weaving around these spokes.  We used plastic curtain rings with a one-inch diameter.  Some of us chose a white crochet cotton thread, while others used sock-weight or light sport weight yarn.  The most difficult part of the process was creating the spokes;  most of us had to try the wrapping several times before getting the yarn as evenly distributed as we liked.  But then the weaving went quickly and everyone created a button within an hour.  Typically these would be appropriate on a hand-knit item since the buttons would made using the same yarn as the item, allowing the buttons to match the garment.  But another use we thought of was embellishment on quilts or craft items, where a custom-made button could lend a unique look.

Directions for making these buttons can be found on-line at various blogs and in many Youtube videos.

We also had some show-and-tell.

Sue's quilt top

Another quilt by Sue

Judy's one-seam pants from Louise Cutting pattern

Judy's velour robe

Embroidery on Judy's robe
Cyndy's jacket from scuba fabric

Connie's tool caddy from serger workshop

Maura's denim bag