Friday, February 16, 2018

And.....We're Back

After a brief hiatus (no meeting in December), the Sewphisticuts met in January at the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park to do a little socializing and planning.  Although not everyone could make it that night, some good ideas were generated. That discussion continued at the February meeting this past week with the group deciding on the following schedule:

March - crochet as a way to join fabric
April - Play time: bring your machine to practice or try a new technique
May - T-shirt quilt making
June - sachet/sinus masks
July - community service sewing:  Days For Girls items

The program at this month's meeting was about favorite sewing blogs and websites.  Members listed their favorite go-to sites for information, inspiration, and shopping.  The resulting collection  contained a nice mix of sites from commercial (i.e. shopping) to personal blogs.  Some contain free patterns, while others are more for inspiration (Pinterest, Instagram).  After the list is updated, Peggy will email it out to the group so that everyone will have the clickable links available to them.

And of course, there was Show-and-Tell:
Judy's jacket in progress

Pat's Valentine's Day wall hanging

Pat's Pencil scarf
Sandy's table runner

Connie's placemats

Maura's shoulder bag
Peggy's bike shirt using performance fabric

Peggy's muslin for a bike shirt

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Annual Meeting and Luncheon

Last Saturday, November 4th, was the chapter's annual meeting and luncheon.  This year it was held at Christina's Restaurant in Kingston.  Guest speakers were Bob and Doreen Browning of The Kiltmaker's Apprentice, a business in Highland NY that makes, alters and repairs kilts as well as renting out full Highland regalia for weddings and other special occasions.

 Bob Browning told the  history of the business and presented lots of facts about tartans, such as how they are made, named and registered.  Doreen explained the steps involved in making a kilt and showed some in various stages of manufacture.  She showed how much fabric might be needed to make a kilt (almost 24 feet, the length of the room!), and how to figure out the pleating, both size and number of pleats.  On the finished kilt, it was possible to see the interior finishes as well as closures used - an amazing amount of detail work for a seemingly simple garment.

After the presentation, the business part of the meeting was conducted.  New officers for next year were announced;  since all offices were unopposed, there was no need to issue ballots.  Approved for next year were President Maura Kristofik, Treasurer Andrea Diamond, and Secretary Connie Pennisi.  Outgoing President Peggy Norton thanked all members of the Chapter Advisory Board for their help over the past year.

There were a number of hand-made items donated by members for raffle prizes, and the lucky winners took home beautifully-crafted wall-hangings, placemats, afghans, bags, baskets, etc.  One raffle-winner got a great collection of notions donated by Cindy Hopper from her Sewcology shop.

The meeting concluded with a Brown Bag Challenge:  attendees were given a sealed brown bag which contained some fabric and notions.  The challenge is to make an item or items using most of the materials in the bag, which may be combined with anything else the person wishes.  Next spring there will be a chapter event (still to be decided) that will include "The Big Reveal" when everyone can present their creations.  If you did not attend the meeting but would like to participate, contact anyone on the CAB to get a bag - there are several left.